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Gear Oils

Gulf Gear Oils offer outstanding lubrication performance and protection against shock-loading and wear, as well as resistance to high-temperature deposit formation. The combination of high-quality base stocks and carefully selected additive technology provides enhanced equipment life, improved system cleanliness and trouble-free operations, even when operating under a wide temperature range.

Browse our range below or find the Gulf product for your vehicle.

Gear TDL 80W-90,85W-140

Gear MP 80W-90, 85W-140

Gear LS 80W-90

Gear DB 85W-90

Syngear 75W-90, 75W-140

Syngear FE 75W-80

EP Lubricant HD 150, 220

Gulf Gear TDL 80W-90, 85W-140 Total driveline

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet - 80W-90

Material Safety Data Sheet - 85W-140

A total driveline gear lubricant designed to meet the severe requirements of drivetrains of light and heavy-duty vehicles.

Features and  Benefits

  • Unique additive technology allows the use of a single lubricant in rear axles, synchronised and non-synchronised manual transmissions and therefore helps in rationalisation of products.


​API GL-4/5(80W-90), GL5 (85W-140) | API MT-1 | MILPRF-2105E | SAE J 2360 | ZF TEML-05A, 07A, 08, 12E,
16C/D, 19B | DAF | MACK GO-J, Eaton* | MAN M 3343 Type M | ZF TE-ML-16D | Iveco (Axle) | API GL-4/GL-5 |
Volvo 97310 | MB 235.0, Renault* | Iveco* | Scania STO 1:0 (Gearbox and Axle Gears) | MAN 342 Typ M2 | MAN 341
Typ E2 & Typ Z2 | Scania STO 1:0 (Gearbox) | ZF TE-ML- 02B,05A,12L,12M,16B,17B,19B,21A (ZF Approval Number: ZF000780)

TDL 80W-90
MP 80W-90

Gulf Gear MP 80W-90, 85W-140 Multi purpose

Product Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet - 80W-90

Material Safety Data Sheet - 85W-140

High-performance lubricants suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty, non-synchronised manual transmissions, axles
and final drives, where extreme pressures and shock loading are experienced.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications including trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles.

  • Excellent extreme pressure protection under shock loading.

  • Enhanced equipment durability and extended life through reduced wear, rusting and corrosion.

Specifications and Applications

API GL-5 | US Army MIL-L-2105D

GEAR LS 80W-90

Gulf Gear LS 80W-90, 85-140 Limited slip

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet Ls 80W-90

Material Safety Data Sheet   LS 85W-140 - COMING SOON

Designed for limited-slip differentials of passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, vans and light-duty trucks requiring API GL-5/ MT-1 quality oils. Heavy-duty, non-synchronised manual transmissions, axles and final drives where API GL-5/ MT-1 oils are specified.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional load-carrying protection.

  • Offers extended gear, bearing and seal life due to thermo-oxidative stability.

Specifications and Applications

ZF TE-ML-05C,12C,16E, 21C (ZF Approval Number: ZF000891) | API GL-5 | API MT-1 | US MIL-PRF-2105E | Mack GO-J

DB 85W-90

Gulf Gear DB 85W-90 Daimler Benz

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

High-performance gear lubricant for use in heavy-duty manual transmissions and axle drives of commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Features and Benefits

  • Specification to meet the warranty requirements of several major OEMs.

Specifications and Applications

​ZF TE-ML- 17B, 19B, 21A ZF Approval Number ZF000887 | API GL-5 | US MIL-L-2105D


Gulf Syngear 75W-90, 75W-140 Synthetic

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet - 75W-90 - COMING SOON

Material Safety Data Sheet - 75W-140​

High-performance synthetic total driveline lubricant for vehicles operating in the most severe conditions. Suitable for a variety of manual transmissions and rear axles requiring one single fluid for drivetrains – and meeting a wide range of OEM approvals and specifications.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique additive technology provides multi-use application and product rationalisation.

  • Exceptional shear stability helps retain viscosity and film strength to protect against wear under severe conditions.

  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection reducing wear and extending synchroniser life and improved shifting performance.

Specifications and Applications

API GL-5, API MT-1 | MIL-PRF-2105E, MIL-L-2105 D | SAE J 2360 | Mack GO-J | ZF TE-ML- 07A, 08 | ArvinMeritor 076-N | DAF* | Eaton* | Iveco* | MAN 342 Typ S1, MAN 341 Typ Z2 | MB-Approval 235.8 | ZF TE-ML-02B,05A,12L,12N,16F,17B,19C,21A (ZF Approval Number: ZF000863) | Scania STO 1:0 (Gearbox) | Scania STO 2:0 A (Scania axle oil requirement that gives high fuel efficiency and extended oil drain interval)


Gulf Syngear FE 75W-80 Fuel efficient

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

Synthetic long-life gear lubricant designed for improved fuel economy in commercial vehicles. Suitable in manual transmissions fitted with different synchronisers including the latest ones based on carbon.

Features and  Benefits

  • Improved fuel economy compared to conventional gear oil.

  • Keeps the gears clean for longer periods and extending the oil life – significantly longer than conventional gear oils.

  • Outstanding low-temperature fluidity ensures a smoother gear shift performance.

  • Protect against wear even under severe operating conditions.

  • Unmatched protection for extended durability of 
    driveline components and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Specifications and Applications

​API GL-4 | ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K | Volvo 97305 | DAF | IVECO | Renault | ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K (ZF Approval Number: ZF000683) | MAN 341 Typ Z4


Gulf EP Lubricant HD 150, 220 Extreme pressure | Heavy-duty

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet - 150

Material Safety Data Sheet - 220

High-performance, extreme-pressure gear oils developed for lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears working under
severe operating conditions. Excellent load-carrying capability to provide protection against shock loading and wear.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent load carrying capability protecting gears.

  • Enables longer service intervals.

  • Provides rust and corrosion protection to all gearbox components.

Specifications and Applications

​ISO Viscosity Grade 150, 220 | DIN 51517 Part 3 | ISO 12925-1 Type CKD | AGMA 9005 E-02 | David Brown S1.53 101(E) | US Steel 224 | Flender Rev 16


We suggest you try our customized on-line database to search for the right Gulf product for your car, light commercial vehicle or motorcycle. Follow the link below and select your vehicle from the database criteria. (Although this database is huge, we know there are still some vehicles missing, and we therefore apologise if you do not find your exact model).



Product Search Database

Where To Buy

A full range of hydraulic, gear and transmission oils plus engine oils, coolant, motorcycle oils and chainsaw oils are available from your nearest Farmlands store.

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