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Agricultural Oils

Gulf provides multi-functional lubricants for a wide range of tractors and agricultural equipment for use in engines, hydraulic brake systems and transmissions.

Browse our range below or find the Gulf product for your vehicle.

Universal Tractor Transmission Fluid 80W

Super Tractor Oil Universal 15W-40

Chain Bar Oil 150

Milking Machine Oil 68

Gulf Universal Tractor Transmission Fluid 80W UTTF

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

High-performance UTTF for use in transmissions, hydraulic systems and oil-immersed brakes using a common reservoir. Suitable for tractors and off-highway equipment used in agricultural applications. This fluid meets the specifications of major equipment and tractor manufacturers.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced frictional properties help to reduce friction between the clutch and friction plates, optimising performance and reducing slippage.

  • Robust anti-wear and extreme pressure properties control wear and extend equipment life, reducing maintenance costs.

  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity provides improved starting and performance.

  • Multi-purpose capability reduces inventory and prevents misapplication.


Specifications and Applications

API GL-4 | Ford M2C41B, M2C48-B/C, M2C86-B/C, M2C134-D, White (Q-1705, 1722, 1766, 1766B, 1802, 1826) | Massey Ferguson 1129A, 1127 A/B, M1110, M1135, M1141, M1143, M1145 | John Deere J14A/B/C, J20C/D, J21A | Allison C-3/C-4 | Sauer Sunstrand/Danfoss (Hydrostatic Trans Fluid) | J.I.Case / Case International MS1204- MS1207, 1209, 1210, JIC-143, 144, 145, 185, CNH MAT 3525, MAT 3526 | JIC- 143/144/145/185 | Caterpillar TO-2 | Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 | Kubota (UDT Fluid)

Universa Tractor

Gulf Super Tractor Oil Universal 15W-40 STOU

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

High-performance multi-functional STOU lubricant designed for a wide range of modern agricultural equipment. Suitable
for diesel and gasoline engines, hydraulics and transmission systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows users to select the most appropriate viscosity to optimise performance.

  • Multi-purpose capability reduces inventory and lubricant purchases.

  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy controls.

  • Eliminates sludge build-up and deposits.

  • Good low-temperature performance ensuring less wear and improved hydraulic response at cold start-up.


Specifications and Applications

​API CF-4, CE, CF, SF | API GL-4 | John Deere J27C | Massey Ferguson 1139/1144/1145 | Ford M2C 159B | Allison C-4 | ZF TE ML 06B, 07B

Super Tractor

Gulf Chain Bar Oil

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet


High-quality chain bar oil with a special additive package to provide excellent adhesion to the chain.
Note: It is not suitable to lubricate the engine of the chainsaw.


Features and Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion strength to the chain to avoid loss and improve lubrication.

  • Specially developed to lubricate the chain of chainsaws, ensuring they do not break or get jammed.

  • Reduce lubricant consumption up to 20%, compared to competitors equivalent products.


Specifications and Applications

​ISO VG 150

Chain Bar
Milking Machine

Gulf Milking Machine Oil 68

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

A high-performance oil specially developed for lubricating all components of reciprocating/ rotary vacuum pumps used in stationary or mobile milking machines.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional anti-wear properties.

  • High-viscosity index.

  • Special rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect against rust.


Specifications and Applications

​ISO VG 68

Product Search Database

We suggest you try our customized on-line database to search for the right Gulf product for your car, light commercial vehicle or motorcycle. Follow the link below and select your vehicle from the database criteria. (Although this database is huge, we know there are still some vehicles missing, and we therefore apologise if you do not find your exact model).



Where To Buy

A full range of hydraulic, gear and transmission oils plus engine oils, coolant, motorcycle oils and chainsaw oils are available from your nearest Farmlands store.

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