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Brake Fluid

Gulf Brake Fluid DOT 4

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

High-performance, polyglycol-based brake fluid specially designed for use in disc, drum and Anti-locking Brake Systems (ABS) of any commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles operating under moderate-to-severe conditions and requiring a DOT 4-type of fluid.

Features & Benefits

  • High boiling point.

  • For improved braking performance, it can also be used in hydraulic brake systems of vehicles requiring DOT 3
    or SAE J 1703 quality fluids.

  • Can be used in hydraulic clutch systems requiring fluids of this quality.




Pride 4004
Product Search Database

We suggest you try our customized on-line database to search for the right Gulf product for your car, light commercial vehicle or motorcycle. Follow the link below and select your vehicle from the database criteria. (Although this database is huge, we know there are still some vehicles missing, and we therefore apologise if you do not find your exact model).



Where To Buy

A full range of hydraulic, gear and transmission oils plus engine oils, coolant, motorcycle oils and chainsaw oils are available from your nearest Farmlands store.

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