Gulf Oil New Zealand

The Gulf Oil brand has a long rich history that stretches back to 1901. Today Gulf Oil is represented in almost all countries of the globe and Gulf continues to expand with new and innovative products and service offerings.

A pillar of the Gulf Oil philosophy is our mantra “your local global brand”, and here in New Zealand, the Gulf mantra is well entrenched in our product and service ethic. With an extensive range of products to suit all applications we can offer tailored lubricant solutions.

Whether you need advice with your outboard engine or looking to reduce maintenance costs for your national fleet, you can rely on the tried and tested performance of Gulf.



Well known the world over for use in cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and even small boats.
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A comprehensive set of engine oils for commercial road transport all over the world.
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First-hand experience of quarrying, tunnelling and large earth moving operations.
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A comprehensive range of marine lubricant products to suit all vessel types.
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The Gulf lubricant range is designed for use in many different industrial applications.
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Multi-functional lubricants for tractor engines and hydraulic brake systems.
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Motor Sport

Gulf has a long heritage in global motor sport.
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Research & Development

The R&D work for Gulf Oil International is an important part of the Gulf Brand.
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